A cloaked figure looks out over an epic, snow-covered landscape


An epic, magical journey of self-discovery

Betwixt is a choose-your-own-adventure app that helps you find clarity, courage and self-insight.

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"Immersive & Engaging"

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Mental wellness shouldn't be a chore

So we made it epic


We took some of the most effective tools for self-reflection and built them into an immersive experience inspired by Myst and Lord of the Rings



You begin Betwixt as a “seeker” in a dreamlike world that responds to your emotions and makes real what you think. Your mission is to escape, but to do that, you must connect with yourself.



This is a journey of self-discovery where reality and imagination collide. Turn the voice in your head into a powerful ally. Co-create the dream world. Be the hero and the author of your own brave new story.

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Written by award-winning fantasy author Natalia Theodoridou, cognitive hypnotherapist Hazel Gale and science writer Elitsa Dermendzhiyska, Betwixt uses powerful wellness tools and processes from positive psychology, cognitive theory, transactional analysis, and a range of therapy styles.


This project involved external consultation with Dr Sachin Shah and Dr Stephen Kaar, as well as the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab in the Netherlands, along with researchers and experts from universities in the U.K. and U.S.

A Fantasy Escape with Real-Life Impact

About Betwixt

"An engaging and powerful opportunity for self-transformation"

- Gail Boenning

"Everythying is like real magic. I love it so much."

- takikunnnn

"You need to try this app. You need to experience these dreams, and listen or the Voice to guide you in your waking hours too."

- J. W. Harris




The Team

Portrait of Hazel Gale

Hazel Gale

Hazel Gale is a bestselling author (The Mind Monster Solution), ex-athlete and Master Practitioner of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis working with Olympic athletes, creatives and professionals.


Over a decade of competition, Hazel achieved multiple World, European and National titles in kickboxing and boxing. Following a burnout in 2009, she qualified as a therapist in order to devote her time to helping others win their own emotional battles.


Hazel runs a private practice in London, and facilitates workshops and digital courses to teach self-awareness and emotional resilience.


More here: hazelgale.com


Elitsa Dermendzhiyska is a science writer and social entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology, research and mental health.


At 25, she left her software business and spent a year talking to young people, researchers, nurses, psychotherapists, philosophers, artists and others to study mental health from many different perspectives.


That’s how she discovered the power of games and set out to explore how they can be used for good. 

Portrait of Elitza Dermendzhiyska

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